best running shoes under 1000

If you are going to stick with floor shines, stick with the Imperials. They are still good your welted, they are still double stacked, leather, rubber heels and tax, and not, I just think you could be better served going to the the older vintage floor shines if you could find some of those out there, but again just kind of stick. Stay away from the new floor, shots being put up number six on our list for the top choose you to stay away from in 2020, Steve Madden, best running shoes under 1000 okay, guys! I can't tell you how many Steve Madden shoes come into our shop.
A lot of them are still that square-toed shoes, the loafer. We see it all the time guys. I know it looks like a comfortable shoe. I know you can find it at Dillard's and Macy's and it's sitting right there in front of your face and you think it's a quick easy by, but trust me. That is a brand. You want to stay away from if you're looking for high quality nice shoes, it's just Steve Madden - is not putting out nice shoes, they are cheaply, made low quality.
The heel blocks the soles the uppers. Everything on those is loan quality, just stay away from Steve Mac. Alright, the next one on our list is number five. Kenneth Cole Kenneth Cole was one of those names that 90s and the early 2000s. It was just one of those designer names is, like a you know: Calvin Klein, but Kenneth Cole's shoes very cheaply, made by a whole lot of quality in these shoes. They are more or less going to be made for your one time wear.
So if you, if you're looking at them just skip over them, save your pennies and go, you know, invest in something a little bit better. Alright, guys number four Calvin Klein we're going to have another episode or another article or we talk about designer shoes, but we decided to throw Kenneth Cole and Calvin Klein into this mixture just because those two brands are very prevalent in department stores nowadays and let's face It most guys out there that's, where you're buying your shoes you're still going to the mall you're buying them in department stores, Calvin Klein is the same as Steve Madden the same as Kenneth Cole, very cheap quality.
There'S it's generally not a shoe that when you want to have it refurbished that it's going to be a shoe, that is meant to be refurbished, I'm sure we can try ripping you know rip and the shoe apart and really that's what it does when we try To take these shoes apart to refurbish them, it rips the shoe because they are meant to be refurbished. It is like heat said on the last one: it's a one time life shoe and when they are worn out, it's best to just toss them so again, stay away from Calvin Klein you and Duke Calvin Klein.
Other underwear use the next one number three. This one is going to also hurt a little bit Johnson and Murphy. Okay, all right now we say this a little bit lightly: Oh Johnson, Murphy, because there are still some Goodyear, welted, Johnson and Murphy shoes. I just know that the last within the last several years, kind of the last holdouts on the Johnson Murphy's made in America have been exported and they don't do wreak rafting.
You know more here in America, just yeah we live here in Nashville and Nashville is the original home of Johnston. Murphy, jeunesse, Co, the factory that refurbished all the Johnston Murphy's that Mae Johnston Murphy's that made their high-end Johnston Murphy's it's right down the street, so we're very familiar with Johnston, Murphy and like he'd said - and we get Johnston Murphy's in here all the time and again For ninety five percent of their shoes I would not longer, except for, like Keith, mentioned they're higher in good your wealth ones.

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